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What is ParknCloud?

ParknCloud is an innovative service that can be used by consumers to pay for parking using a smartphone based on Geoparking ™ technology. In addition, provides Municipalities an easy and affordable opportunity to collect parking fees electronically, as an alternative to parking meters and kiosks. Watch the Video

Consumer Features and Benefits

ParknCloud service is available on your mobile browser, but it looks like an App. Getting started is easy, with a simple account registration and the purchase of electronic parking credits.
There are no transaction fees. A nominal fee is applied when purchasing parking credits.
With just a click of a button on your a smartphone, you can check where the Service is available, rates, schedule and buy parking time.
A text reminder feature can send you a message before the parking time expires, so you can extend the time and continue with your activities without the hassle of going back to your car.
If you decide to leave before the paid parking end time, pay for the time used, by pressing the Leave button on your smartphone. An account statement is available for your convenience.

Municipality and Parking Provider Benefits

A common objective across Municipalities and Parking Providers is to reduce costs and maintain control. ParknCloud service is designed to give You the opportunity to reduce overall costs and increase revenues, based on electronic parking collection and enforcement.
ParknCloud is a Cloud Computing solution delivered as Software as a Service (SAAS). It is hosted on the Google Cloud Infrastructure, which offers flexibility and control without large upfront and ongoing maintenance costs, high level of security, reliability, and supports millions of users. Process of managing and maintaining parking areas, rates and schedules, is quick and easy and can be deployed without investing in major hardware. In addition, enforcement and control is simplified based on the Geoparking™ technology, making parking session information available on the Parking Enforcement Officer's mobile device.